We believe in ethical solutions. We create positive impact through design.

Blindesign is a consultancy for Social Innovation.

We believe each project needs to find its balance between society, environment and economy.

We develop sustainable and ethical solutions which have a real impact on society and our planet.

Launched in 2007 as a social workshop for eco-design products, we have evolved by growing our capacity to respond to the challenges that we have faced.

We are a social enterprise with a targeted approach to impact projects: we use innovative design as a tool for social transformation.

Really, what we excel at is designing products that promote social inclusion and protect the environment; as consultants, we help create projects that respond to emerging social issues and facilitate sustainable growth.

PEOPLE FIRST. Ask what they want. Not pushing what we think they need.

BENCHMARKING. Listening to the market and being aware of what is working internationally.

REALITY CHECK. Being able to adjust methodologies to the needs and characteristics of each project.

LOCAL ACTION. Creating integrated actions with local actors in order to achieve change.

SHARING IS CARING. Sharing the best stories to spread the word and inspire more people.

STEP BY STEP. Proving that change happens through small adjustments to the way we think, create and act.


Human Centered Design

Inclusive Design

Capacity Building and Employability



Circular Economy: Use of Waste as Raw Materials                         



Preservation and Development of Traditional Arts & Crafts